Sachs Foundation Success Stories

 Ashley Gaffney 

Hi! I'm Ashley, a Colorado native who graduated from the I.B. program at Smoky Hill High School. Much to my surprise, my I.B. credits didn't get me very far when it came to out of state colleges and I knew I would have to depend on a large sum of scholarships to help me get through. The Sachs Scholarship was so beneficial because it was one of the few scholarships I could continually receive which alleviated some of my financial burden year after year. Over time, it wasn't just a scholarship–the Sachs Family were people that I kept in touch with and can now I can give back to the organization through their mentorship program. It's come full circle and I'm grateful for the foundation and contributors who helped make my dream of college possible.

Following graduation, I attended Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in graphic design, and even studied abroad in Hong Kong before finishing my degree. At the time, I was certain that a corporate, 9-5 job was the right match for me and the lifestyle I wanted to live. So imagine my shock when I realized I passionately wanted to have creative freedom, make my own schedule and take control of my every day! After 2 years as a full-time employee (and freelancing through the nights), I happily made the switch and started my own business.

Currently, my creative studio creates branding and marketing design for the events, businesses and other entrepreneurs. From weddings to galas, branding businesses and hand-lettering, I thrive by using my art, organization and business skills to build relationships and help further the community around me. I believe in quality over quantity, partnerships, adding value to each other and authentic expression. I am an agile thinker, snappy dresser, and maker of sultry foods; a simple girl who doesn’t need much to be happy… just a delicious meal, tasteful music and work that is creatively fulfilling.

monica longmire

Japera Higley 

I currently work in the department of Anesthesiology at the University of Colorado Medical Campus. I earned my bachelor's degree from the University of Colorado @ Boulder in political science with an emphasis in international and comparative politics.

I then earned a master's degree from the University of Colorado Denver in political science and leadership. Although I've had a successful career in higher education at the recruitment and adjunct professor levels and in government at the state level, I am a current career changer and am interested in pursuing a medical degree (MD) in the next few years.

Currently, I am taking courses at the Auraria campus and am currently a participant of the CU Hospitalist Scholars Program. I received the Sachs Foundation Scholarship during my undergraduate years at CU-Boulder and am considered a legacy as my Mother also received the Sachs Foundation Scholarship to attend UNC.

monica longmire

Monica Longmire 

I am a 3rd generation native, born and raised in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO and attended all District 2 schools (Turman Elementary, Panorama Middle School and Sierra High School). I stayed heavily involved in school activities and engaged in the local community primarily through my family’s organization, N.I.F.T.Y (New Ideas for Today’s Youth).

The Ohio State University called my name, and I graduated as a “Buckeye” with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Technology, minor in Visual Communication Design, with Honors and Research Distinction.  Encouragement and financial support from the Sachs Foundation alleviated so many burdens I may have otherwise faced without the award. As a scholarship recipient, it is an honor to be mentioned among the top scholars in Colorado, by a longstanding community-conscious organization, and a group of people who actually care about the success of students who have been impacted by them.

My life’s path has led me to pursue multiple interests.  One of which is understanding the human thought process as it relates to interaction with man-made devices and evolving technology through a career as a User Experience (UX) professional. One of the others is holistic health and wellness, as I work to become a Holistic Health Professional.

Sofe' Mekuria

Sofe' Mekuria

I was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado and I knew that I wanted to try and go to college somewhere else, to try and explore another area of the US. I was first generation American and I kind of always knew that college was the next step for me.  When I started on my college search I found Boston University and I knew that it would be the perfect fit for me, but the price was a barrier.  I worked really hard my senior year- applied to as many scholarships as I could find.  Fortunately, with the help of organizations such as Sachs Foundation, I was able to get enough in Scholarships that I could make the dream ofgoing to Boston University come true.   Once I got to college I was so excited for the opportunity to explore my interest.  I was pretty sure that I wanted to go into the Medical Field, but was unsure the path I wanted to go.  I always thought I would major in something outside of science- I loved reading, writing, history, sociology, photography, theology, and many more things; but I realized that I wasn’t passionate enough about any of those things to major in them.  Instead, I took several classes in each area, but became a Human Physiology major.  I had the opportunity to apply to a program at Boston University where you got into Medical School after my Sophomore year of College, and I got accepted.  I went through Medical School- with all of its ups and downs and now I’m a Third Year Pediatric Resident in Oakland, California, where I will also be getting a Master in Public Health at University of California, Berkeley.  I feel so privileged and lucky to have all the opportunities; the people/organizations invest time and resources toward my education and success.  It has been hard work with many sleepless nights and many sacrifices, but I’m very happy where I am right now.


Stephen MobleyStephen Mobley

My name is Stephen Mobley and I attended Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado and graduated as part of the class of 2004.

I received my Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Currently, I am pursuing MS and PhD degrees in Electrical & Computer Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology.

After completing my studies, I hope to work in the medical industry researching and developing
new devices for diagnostic and treatment applications.

I also give credit to my wife, family and friends who have supported me in all that I have accomplished.



Scholarship RecipientTheresa Gatewood

I received my first scholarship from the Sachs Foundation as a senior at Manual High School in 2000. I went on to earn my undergraduate degree in Communications with a double minor in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Northern Colorado in 2004. Soon after, I obtained my first job where I spent seven years at College Summit, supporting low-income students in crafting their post-secondary plans.

In 2007, I applied and received the graduate scholarship from the Sachs Foundation. I entered my graduate program at Colorado State University and earned a Master’s Degree in Organizational Performance and Change in December, 2009.

Today, I am the new Director for Educational Talent Search at the Community College of Denver.


Y.E. Scott  Scholarship Recipient

I was a recipient of an award from The Sachs Foundation in the amount of $1,000.00.  One year later, I dropped out of college, got married, moved out of state and began a family.

As I raised my children, I continued my education. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with Honors from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and a Juris Doctorate from Creighton University School of Law in the top 20% of my class. I  received gubernatorial appointments to the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board (Iowa) and the Colorado Parole Board and served in the legal departments of two states and have been an Administrative Law Judge. I am currently a Senior Assistant Attorney General for the State of Colorado. 

It is my great pleasure to give back to the Foundation that had faith in me at the beginning. Additionally, I give back by donating time and energy to the First Tee of Denver as a member and Past-President of the Board of Directors, whose mission to use golf as a tool to educate kids academically, socially, and physically; a life member of the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice; Sam Cary Bar Association: and a Board of Director of the Center for Legal Inclusiveness.  Thanks to the Sachs Foundation for your part in making it all possible.


Scholarship RecipientThomas Deon Warner

I was a recipient of the Sachs Foundation grant back in 1977 when I graduated from Harrison High School in Colorado Springs and attended the University of Colorado, Boulder.  I then received a continuation of my scholarship when I attended Howard University School of Law in Washington, D.C. 

I wanted to let you know that I truly appreciated the financial assistance that the foundation provided for me.  From that assistance, I have accomplished much, including graduating from law school ranked number 19 in my class, being selected as law clerk for a Federal District Court in the Southern District of Texas (I also received an offer to clerk for the Colorado Supreme Court which I turned down to clerk for the federal district court), I was hired by the third largest law firm in Houston, Texas, where I became the first African American Partner at the firm which was started in 1904 (my expertise was in corporate and securities law),

I was appointed by the governor of the State of Texas in 1991 to be a board member on the Texas State Securities Board (where I became chairman of the board – again the first African American - in 1995), and now I own my own corporate and securities law firm.  All these accomplishments were made possible by your financial assistance.  I now want to give back to the foundation.  Please let me know how to contribute back to the foundation.