Why Study Health Sciences?

You may be considering studying Health Sciences, and looking for information on the field. Well, here's your chance to learn why you should go into this field.

You don't have to search too hard to find literature about the lack of medical professionals in the United States. This is a trend that has been worsening in recent years, and it is the reason that nurses, doctors, and other health care professionals in this country receive tremendous signing bonuses just to work at certain medical facilities. Medical professionals are in high demand, and the lack of students in the field is predicted to go down in America.

Money isn't the only reason that someone would study health sciences. Not only are less and less Americans students choosing to study health sciences, and become medical professionals, but more and more Americans are developing chronic illnesses. There is a growing population who need guidance about proper nutrition, medicine, and healthy lifestyles. Studying health sciences not only means that you’ll likely be able to get a job anywhere you go, but also that you'll be helping many people on an individual level anywhere you go.

The Henry Sachs Foundation in Colorado offers a health science scholarship to African Americans in Colorado Springs that’s worth about $7,000. The deadline for getting your applications in is March 1st, so plan accordingly if you want to start your new life in the field of medicine!